2014 Speakers

Friday Night Opening Keynote speaker: Kaleigh Trace

Saturday morning Opening Plenary speaker: Dr. Jessica O’Reilly


Sophia Banks // Sonya JF Barnett // Jeff Perera

Sarah Beall
Nicole Marie Burton
Lisa Bucher
Jennifer Chambers
Karen B. K. Chan
Stephen de Wit
Sophie Delancey
Michelle Desrosiers
Eva Dusome
Mara Dyne
Heather Elizabeth
Samantha Fraser
Carey Gray
Dan Henderson
Tiny B Hiney
Kody Hersh
Johnathan Hooper
Sher Khan
Lyndsay Kirkham
Taylor J. Mace
Katrina McKay
Wil McLean
Kate McCombs
Raymond Motee
Dr. Ruth Neustifter
Obi Noble
JoEllen Notte
Tori Renaud
Tynan Rhea
Caitlin Roberts
JP Robichaud
Tim Rose
Azura Rose
Lynx Sainte-Marie
Shannon Salisbury
Naomi Sayers
Anlina Sheng
Kate Sinclaire
Miko Technogeisha
Den Temin
Nadine Thornhill
Jesse Rae West


with Dr. Melanie HeathDr. Nathan RambukkanaRon Kearse, and Peggy Barnett.
Presented by Zoe Duff and the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association.


kaleightraceKaleigh Trace is a Halifax-based writer and sexual health educator who writes about safe and shameless sex of all kinds, for all kinds. Her first book, Hot, Wet & Shaking: How I Learned to Talk About Sex, was published in July 2014. Her written work has also appeared in The Coast,The Huffington Post, CRIT, The Tide, and on her own blog: The Fucking Facts. As a disabled, queer, feminist, sex educator Kaleigh has spoken at conferences across Canada, including the Western Canadian Sexual Health Conference, The Guelph Sexuality Conference, and ConsentFest.

thefuckingfacts.com // @TheFuckingFacts

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jessicaJess O’Reilly began working as a sexuality counsellor in 2001 and she has never looked back! Her PhD studies involved the development of training programs in sex education for teachers and her education and undergraduate degrees focused on equity and sexual diversity.

Her training includes courses in counselling skills, resolving sexual concerns, sex education, clinical sexology, sexual development, sex and disability, group therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Alongside her academic and television credits, Dr. Jess is also an accomplished writer and her first Hot Sex Tips, Tricks and Licks is already a best-seller. Her engaging and informative articles reach huge audiences through publication with iVillage (a site attracting over 30 million visitors per month), Pink and TealEligible Magazine and Carnal Nation.

Dr. Jess’ work experience includes contracts with school boards, social services agencies, community health organizations and private corporations. A sought-after speaker, her sessions always attract a full-house at conferences and entertainment events alike.

@SexWithDrJess // sexwithdrjess.com

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Ssophiabanksophia Banks is a trans advocate based in Toronto. Sophia is a non-binary identified trans woman, artist, photographer and social activist. Sophia speaks out for trans rights and liberation through social media, the radio and written articles. Sophia is focused on improving access to shelters for trans people, also on addressing the cisnormativity of our societies and how genders and sexualities are policed. Sophia is interested in exploring body positivity as a trans woman and learning to celebrate the beauty of trans bodies.


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Sonya JF BarnettSonya JF Barnett has been championing women’s sexual rights in a variety of ways, over the years. In 2009, she founded The Keyhole Sessions under the moniker The Madame as a safe and welcoming community for artists to experience the union between sex and art. In early 2011, she co-founded SlutWalk Toronto as a way to combat victim-blaming and sexual profiling, for which she was named one of UTNE Reader’s Top Visionaries, one of More Magazine’s Top 50 Fiercest Women, a Torontoist.com Toronto Hero, and a Menschie {The Grid}. She speaks around the world on sexual rights, including TEDx Toronto and The Philosophical Society, Dublin.

Ms. Barnett has also been Toronto Standard’s Sex Columnist, where she discussed all things that fell within the juncture of sex, art, parenting and feminism. Her projects continue to promote sex positivity, and she is a two-time Feminist Porn Award winner for direction.

Ms. Barnett writes, speaks and produces with a clean conscience and a filthy mind.

@keyholesessions // thekeyholesessions.com // 

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“Ppeggybarnetteggy Barnett” is the erotica pseudonym of a Toronto-based SF/F author. She likes to write stories that are both one-handed reading and topical discussions of consent, non-binary gender, the full spectrum of sexuality and romanticism, and relationships that bloom beyond monogamy. Peggy writes stories for the thinking erotica reader.

Photo Credit: Nicole Rodrigues (http://nrodrigues.me)

@EroticBarnett // peggybarnett.tumblr.com

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Ssarahbeallarah Beall aka. Madam Curator, is the curator and community manager for MakeLoveNotPorn.tv. Recently profiled by Elle Magazine, she is the benevolent and savvy human gateway between #realworldsex videos and THE INTERNET, as well as the sherpa who guides MLNP.tv’s MakeLoveNotPornStars on their journey of sexual self expression and discovery. A former burlesque dancer, sex toy slinger and mainstream porn script writer, she is a long time contributor to, and most recently editor of, Lickety Split Smut Zine, a legendary pansexual indie publication dedicated to sex positive expression in thought based in her hometown of Montreal, Canada. Follow her on twitter at @MadamCuratorXO and read her writing on talkabout.makelovenotporn.tv.

@MadamCuratorXO // 

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Lisa BucherLisa Bucher has worked as a journalist for many publications, including National Post and Sharp magazine. She became publisher of Pink & Teal magazine before working for news organization, The Mark. Lisa is a feature contributor to Flare, Real Weddings, and is a regular to Today’s Bride. Sex has always intrigued her – writing about everything from sex, relationships, and romance, to the art of seduction.

Now as a blogger and social media-marketing manager for one of Toronto’s most prestigious escort agencies, she is responsible for keeping it on the first page of Google search results, largely through posting racy blog entries. She was recently featured in Flare magazine. Lisa is also a new author for Quarto Publishing Group – Quiver Books, currently working on masturbation book project and excited to share more details soon!

Lisa launched Canada’s first and only magazine for women living with a breast or gynecological cancer diagnosis. With readership over 30,000, Pink & Teal magazine took a self-help, how-to approach, distributing in bulk to more than 200 cancer clinics and hospitals across Canada and was sold in Chapters/Indigo stores. She has organized and hosted sexuality workshops for female cancer survivors, including one with Quiver bestselling author, Dr. Jessica O’Reilly.

@lisabucher // lisajanebucher.com

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nicolemarieNicole Marie Burton is a blogger, an artist, an educator, and the owner of Ad Astra Comix. The company specializes in political, educational, and social justice-oriented comic arts. In addition to running the company website and store, Guiniling presents on a variety of topics, from Using Comics in the Classroom to–you guessed it–the History of Comic Art Erotica! She lives with her husband in Toronto.

@AdAstraComics // adastracomix.com

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Ccaraara is a queer, pan, poly, kinky tree-hugging martial artist and peer educator who has been practising ethical non-monogamy and SM for the last 15 years. Her personal journey in polyamory / open relationships has included two triads, three long-term partnerships, and nurturing a large poly social network.

She has participated in kink and poly communities in Toronto, Ottawa, Kitchener / Waterloo and further afield, from poly discussion groups to munches, international conferences, Burning Man, and more. She has been talking about how to craft sexy and fulfilling relationships since first finding the soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm message boards, and finally got up the courage to start teaching in 2012, motivated to create and share tools for collaborative creation of active, enthusiastic consent.

She currently lives in Toronto in a rebelliously unlabelled relationship, and also sometimes spins things that are on fire.

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jenniferchambersJennifer Chambers is a bisexual, polyamorous woman with a fondness for goats (of a nonsexual nature). Over 30 years ago she held the first meeting for bi women in Toronto out of which she grew BYKES. Then she and a friend, started the first mixed gender bi group in Toronto, and a support group for people in open relationships. These days she gives the occasional Workshop on such topics as fantasy fulfillment.

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karenchanKaren B. K. Chan is a sex educator and emotional literacy trainer. Above all, she is dedicated to proving that emotional intelligence, play, and honesty are sexy. B.K., AKA Karen, works with individuals, parents, service providers, and groups, and has been in the sexuality field for over 15 years. Her current projects include a video that challenges “normal”; workshops of all kinds; sex and emotional literacy education in schools; and a children’s book series about feelings.

@karenbkchan // fluidexchange.org

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Dr. dewitStephen de Wit is a Board Certified Sexologist through the American College of Sexologists, a member of the Sex Education and Information Council of Canada, The American Association of Sex Educators, Counsellors and Therapists and a member of the National Speakers Association. He holds his Master of Public Health in Human Sexuality and Doctorate of Human Sexuality.

Stephen is a speaker, writer, sex coach, son, brother uncle, partner and friend. He has appeared on national television, been featured in national publications, represented the country at international conferences, and loves volunteering his time at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. Audiences have cried with laughter and emotion. Stephen has worked with audiences as big as 200 and as small as 7. He has been called the “Tony Robbins of Sex”. Stephen’s coaching clients span the entire sexual spectrum and have included couples who have been married for 20 years to singles who have just started dating.


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sophiedelanceySophie Delancey is a porn director, producer, marketer and advocate devoted to spreading the message that porn can be beautiful. She is the Vice President of The Art of Adult, parent company of the Feminist Porn Award-winng website, TheArtofBlowjob.com and writes blogs, interviews and reviews for numerous sexuality/relationship/porn sites. She has appeared on many radio shows/podcasts and has spoken on several panels. Her particular focuses include using real couples in porn, creating high-quality content from a DIY perspective, responsibility in transparency and outreach to pornographic audiences, including marginalized bodies and sexualities in porn and the intersections of feminism, authenticity and aesthetics in porn.

@sophiedelancey // TheArtofBlowjob.com

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michelledMichelle Desrosiers is a mother of 2 young ones and is in an open, polyamorous relationship with her husband Donald of 7 years.  She identifies as bi-sexual and cis-female, and has been active in promoting awareness of different relationship orientations.  She has recently started to publish articles surrounding poly and parenting and will be launching her initiative in the winter of 2014. 


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zoeZoe Duff has facilitated VanIsle Poly a social and discussion group based in Victoria, BC, Canada since 2000 and empowered the beginning of a large and very active poly community on Vancouver Island. She is a founding and current director of the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association which championed the rights of non-monogamists in the BC Supreme court reference case on Section 293 of the Canadian Criminal Code (aka the polygamy law).

Zoe is a prolific author with several published books including her new release “Love Alternatively Expressed”. Filidh Publishing, her very poly operated business, is supporter of the Eclectic Writers’ Boot Camp and Double Dog Dare Open Mic events which encourage those who want to be authors to reach for their dreams regardless of which company actually publishes them. Zoe is working through her business to bring more poly literature to the public. As an extension of her experiences and networking she finds much to blog about as Dear Polly Amorie, and on Twitter. Zoe has two partners, two boy toys, eight children and five grandchildren and knows lots about how to make mistakes but learn from opening her heart to love.

@polychickbc //  polyadvocacy.ca // filidhbooks.com // dearpollyamorie.blogspot.com

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evadusomeEva Dusome is an equity advocate and actively supports the public education of all things non-monogamy, kink, sexual freedom of expression and positive body esteem. Dedicated to self-awareness, she has been on conscious journey of exploration since 2005 when she dove head first into the LGBT community. She later joined the Polyamory Toronto community in 2011 and wholeheartedly believed in what the community was striving to achieve that she became one the lead organizers for the group.

On a professional level in Law Enforcement, Eva works as an educator from the inside out to combat oppressive, out dated systems and offers insight that is often described as a breath of fresh air.

@ExquisitelyEva // Polyamory Toronto

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Mmaradyneara Dyne is a linguistics graduate from the University of Toronto. (Insert “cunning linguist” pun here.) She is also a raging feminist and is roughly as queer as the day is long. She is all kinds of kinky, and even when she thought she was vanilla, she was really more “butterscotch ripple”.

Mara has been part of the Toronto kink community for over half a decade, and has forged a number of lasting connections. Her propensity to overanalyze almost every facet of her existence serves her well when theorizing about life, the universe, and everything. She may check off “female” on forms, but her gender is most accurately described as “tomboy princess”.

When she’s not busy daydreaming about saving the world, Mara tries her hardest just to be a good world citizen. This includes making sexy queer feminist porn whenever possible, as well as being far more charming in person than in a bio.

@MaraDyne // FetLife

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d6518e56ddc82919093af1d6a7f32481As a Sexuality Agitator, Educator and Empowerment Coach Heather is all about helping people have the conversation they want to have around sexuality (and everything that includes) so they get down to having the sex they really want to be having.

She’s passionate about self exploration, transformative learning, communication, and figuring out new ways to do better.

Though she writes, blogs and vlogs a fair amount, her real love is engaging in direct conversation with people; be it in small groups, one-on-one sessions, or addressing crowds – exchanging ideas excites her, and she’s almost always got an opinion, and some feels to share.

@misshc // authenticsexualyou.com

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samanthafraserSamantha Fraser is a life coach, poly advocate, consultant, author and producer. Author of “Not Your Mother’s Playground: A Realistic Guide to Honest, Happy & Healthy Open Relationships”, she loves discussing taboo subjects openly, with wit and a side of personal experience. She has been seen on/in CBC DocZone’s “Thoroughly Modern Marriage”, Toronto Life, SexMatters, InnerSPACE, The Grid, National Post, Metro, Electric Playground and numerous websites. Samantha is the founder and executive producer of Playground, taking a multi-faceted look at all aspects of human sexuality & relationships each November. She loves uniting communities and taking on more than she can chew and enjoys identifying as a non-monogamous, queer, kinky submissive.

@nympsam // @samanthafraser // samanthafraser.com // notyourmothersplayground.com // Facebook

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CareyGrayMr. Carey Gray, ASLAN Leather owner, award-winning pornographer and Queer FTM lifestyle player, is a passionate advocate of BDSM as a self-empowering form of sexual, psychological and physical play. Mr. Gray is also the owner of StudioTenToronto, a 1,300 sq. ft. playspace created for people who are into exploring kink. BDSM educator, coach, lifestyle Daddy and Master, he enjoys the discoveries that come from pushing the psychological and physical boundaries of top and bottom space through role play, the intimate power of spanking and the beautiful submission and control of bondage. He believes that play is an ongoing growth process and is always ready to share his skills and experience with others.

With warm guidance and humor, Mr. Gray encourages participants to explore their desires. Mr. Gray has presented at Dark Odyssey Winterfire and Summer Camp, The Floating World, Unholy Harvest Queer Play Con, and continues to present a number of classes through Good For Her and independently at StudioTenToronto.com.

@ASLANLeather // aslanleather.com // StudioTenToronto

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melanieheathDr. Melanie Heath is an associate professor in the Department of Sociology at McMaster University. Her teaching and research interests include gender, sexualities, family, politics, culture, and the law. She is the author of One Marriage Under God (2012, New York University Press).


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Ddanhendersonan Henderson is a kinky, polyamorous photographer and newly minted kink educator who walked away from a life of drudgery to chase his dreams. His most frequent identities include cis-male, heterosexual, top, mad, feminist and ally. Some of his recent interests are the intersection of kink and (non-chemically) altered states of mind, critical conversations about consent, effective scene negotiations, accountability and rough edge-play. Old saws still holding on from his punk days include, anti-capitalism & anti-colonialism, privilege, intersectionality and personal responsibility. He is often less intense in person than he is in print.

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tinybhineyTiny B Hiney (because her “Hiney Be Tiny”), is a burlesque performer and kinkster from Toronto, Canada as well as an advocate for sexual rights, body positivity and femme positive politics. She’s performed all over southern Ontario as well as in parts of the U.S. including Los Angeles, California and at large scale events, such as World Pride Toronto.

Tiny is also active as a community sexuality educator, providing workshops and hosting bi-monthly sexuality themed discussion groups and panels. She’s also spoken at several conferences including the Feminist Porn Conference in Toronto, AVN Adult Novelty Expo in Las Vegas, Catalyst Con East in Washington D.C., and Catalyst Con West in Los Angeles, California.

Within Toronto, she is a part of multiple communities including the burlesque community, fetish community and queer people of colour community. She is sexy on purpose, sexy by choice and sexy for both profit and pleasure. Tiny B Hiney is unapologetically black, queer, kinky, sexual, fierce and femme.

@TinyBHiney // 

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HeraHera is a queer cis-female switch and has been active in kink community for 10+ years. She has 17 years of experience in non-monogamy structured relationships, and self-identifies as Polyamorous, but she feels that she has had a healthier handle on Polyamory over the last 7 years.

Hera has previously conducted a workshop on “Anatomy for the Kinky” (2009), presented workshops (“Playing with Limitations” and “Skills for Successful Non-Monogamy”) at Tease BDSM Convention ’12 & ’13, and was a panellist (“Compersion Panel” and ” Skills for Successful Non-Monogamy”) at Playground ’12 & ’13. She is also one of the current hosts of the DEVIANToronto Munch, Toronto’s largest all ages munch.

@Hera_SK // Fetlife Profile // DEVIANToronto

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kodyhershKody Gabriel Hersh As a queer, trans, sex-positive, polyamorous, Christian, Quaker youth worker, Kody Gabriel Hersh spends his life trying to embody apparent contradictions with integrity and playfulness. A leader and organizer in his faith community, Kody is particularly interested in the intersections of religion/spirituality and sexuality. He lives in Philadelphia, where he writes, does childcare, organizes youth retreats, teaches Sunday school, and generally practices making radicalism look very sweet and innocent to people who don’t know him very well.


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 is a retiree following alternative lifestyles. He started in a conventional marriage, raised four sons as a single parent, turned to embrace open relationships in 1997, and is currently following a solo-poly life.  Johnathon comes into poly as an open-minded a straight white male, not totally vanilla, and open to the adventures that the Universe brings. He has been a member of Polyamory Toronto since it’s early days as a meetup group and is one of the organizers. He is on the board of the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association (CPAA) and can be found at the CPAA/Polyamory Toronto vendor table for much of the weekend.

Johnathon retired from having to work at a job, but not from enjoying an interesting life. His passions are the outdoors and the environment, nature, and helping people. He was a marathon coach for charity in recent years.  His goals for 2015 are to hike at least a part of the West Coast Trail, and help the Poly movement grow in numbers and in social acceptance.

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sherSher Khan is a male-sexed, genderqueer, kinky, poly, geek with 25+ years of experience in non-monogamy structured relationships, self-identified as Polyamorous for 10 years, but feels he has only figured things out enough for healthy polyamorous relationships in the past 6-8 years.

Sher has been out in the Toronto kink scene for over 20 years. In that time Sher has hosted Eden and CyberFetish in Toronto, and Sin City in Hamilton. Sher has also acted as DM/PM for many of the events in Toronto, and Southern Ontario, and has previously taught a few skill-based workshops in kink community. He is also one of the current hosts of the DEVIANToronto Munch, Toronto’s largest all ages munch.

Sher Khan has been a presenter at Playground ’12, and ’13 on BDSM and Non-monogamy panels, as well as Mental Health and Spirituality. He has also presented workshops at Tease BDSM Convention (’11-’13) on kink and polyamory subjects (’11-’13).

@Sher_Khan // Fetlife: Sher_Khan // DEVIANToronto

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ronkearseRon Kearse: Author, columnist, blogger, photographer and broadcaster, Ron has published two novels: Road Without End and Just Outside of Hope along with a book of his photographs called Lost History. Ron’s future plans include travelling throughout the world writing, filming and taking photos. He’s presently writing his third novel that he hopes to have published in the spring of 2015. He lives with his partner Steven Foster in East Vancouver.

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lyndsaykirkhamLyndsay Kirkham is a writer, educator, publisher and feminist activist. In addition to other places and spaces, her words can be found on Rabble, CBC, The Mother, ParentDish, The Bunch Family, Role Reboot, and Natural Parents Network. She tweets about sex, feminist parenting and her extensive tea collection. Her book: Feminist Parenting – From Theory to Life Lived, is due out in Spring 2015.

@HIsFeministMama // syndicationsontherightsofwomen.ca

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Taylor J. MaceTaylor J. Mace is genderqueer, poly, and kinky. Taylor is an emerging porn producer/star. Taylor is queer, enjoys being both dominant and submissive, and is most passionate about sex and disability as well as creating sexual content that better reflects the bodies and sexual practices of those Taylor interacts with.

taylorjmace.tumblr.com // fetlife.com/users/1397972 // facebook.com/TaylorJMace

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katrinamckayKatrina McKay is a jetsetting sexpert who’s spoken everywhere from Los Angeles to Mumbai about the two topics she’s most passionate about… entrepreneurship, and of course, sex! She has been featured in numerous publications from Huffington Post to Toronto SUN, as well as radio and tv shows. When she’s not writing and speaking, she’s helping others express their sexy through her company Ohhh Canada where she’s the CEO… er, CEOhhh.

@SexpertKat // katrinamckay.com // ohhhcanada.ca

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Wil McLean wilmcleanis the owner/operator of Sybian Toronto, Canada’s first and only sybian rental service. Wil has been a writer, reviewer and product knowledge expert in the adult toy industry for over 14 years. As a proud perv and physical therapist, his goal is to bring information, awareness and advocacy to the masses through hands on good vibrations.

@SybianToronto // Sybian Toronto

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katemccombsKate McCombs is a NYC-based sex educator, writer, and maker of puns. She’s also the founder of Sex Geekdom, a global community for people who love having geeky conversations about sex.

Ultimately, all of Kate’s work is about helping people feel more comfortable talking about sex. She believes that meaningful conversations + accurate information can help us create a healthier and more pleasure-filled world. To that end, she writes articles and teaches workshops about sexual health, pleasure, and communication.

@katecom // @mccombskate (Instagram) // KateMcCombs.com

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michelleMichelle identifies as cis-female, kinky, polyamorous, submissive, queer and joined the kink scene in February of 2013, where she also found a home in the poly lifestyle and community. Coming from an Orthodox Jewish background, she had quite the transition to make, as well as decisions on when, how, and whether to come out. Before she could make any of those choices, she was outed without her consent to her parents, family and community, and has been actively dealing with that situation for the last 8 months.

Michelle is involved with the Second Circle team that hosts Kink Events in Toronto, and can usually be found assisting in the kitchen, taking shifts as a DM, or happily demo-bottoming for their all-day N00b workshops. She was one of the ‘Kitchen Bitches’ helping fuel performers and volunteers at MBE 2013 (Morpheous’ Bondage Extravaganza) during Nuit Blanche. When she is not facilitating kinky play, Michelle is focused on encouraging conversations around consent, safety, and helping welcome new people to alternative sexual communities. She has previously volunteered at Playground 2013, and this is her first time presenting at a sexuality conference.


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raymondRaymond Motee is a lawyer primarily practicing in the area of criminal defence, in the Greater Toronto Area. He has acted as counsel and co-counsel on a wide variety of civil, family law and criminal cases including first degree murder. He has argued in all levels of court in Ontario and attended (but did not speak) at the Supreme Court of Canada. Mr. Motee was defence counsel for three years on the Toronto 18. In that case, Mr. Motee worked on many unique legal arguments, including a constitutional challenge that he argued at the Ontario Court of Appeal.


>> Legal Issue for Alternative Relationships [presentation]

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jeffpereraJeff Perera is a Community Engagement Manager for White Ribbon, the world’s largest effort to redefine masculinity, and engage men and boys in working to help end gender-based violence. He is the director of the annual discussion-focused ‘What Makes a Man’ White Ribbon Conference and delivered the TEDx talk ‘The Ladder of Manhood’.

@jeffperera // whiteribbon.ca // 

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drruthieDr. Ruth Neustifter works as a university prof, sexuality educator, researcher, author, and mental health professional and strives to bring a sex and pleasure-positive approach wherever she goes. She can be found online at ExploringIntimacy.com, @DrRuthie, on YouTube, across various other websites and academic journals, as well as in bookstores. When she isn’t slinging dills and talking nerdy she can found relaxing with her pets and partners in Guelph, Ontario.

@DrRuthie // ExploringIntimacy.com

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Obi NobleObi Noble is a power exchange lifestyler, kinkster, rope bondage bottom, and submissive who has been active in the Toronto kink community for the past five years.

Obi’s exploration, relationship and personal journey through kink is an extension of their submission, connections, authenticity, energy and power exchange, and inner strength by way of vulnerability.

Obi currently lives with and is in service to their Owners in a closed Poly Dom-Domme-sub Triad.

@Obi_Noble // fetlife.com/users/95977

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redheadbedheadJoEllen Notte – The Redhead Bedhead came to life when JoEllen Notte decided to talk about sex on the internet  (“do people even do that?!”). Now she writes for multiple outlets including her own award-winning RedheadBedhead.com, travels North America on the Superhero Sex Shop Tour and teaches countless students the wonders of powerful toys, high-quality lube, respectful communication and well-timed Ghostbusters references.

As Education Coordinator & Lead Sex Educator for the Portland Academy of Sex Education and co-Emissary of Sex Geekdom Portland, JoEllen works to prove that through constant learning, non-stop dialogue and frequent wise-assery we can save the world from mediocre sex.

JoEllen is currently researching her first book: “The Monster Under the Bed: Sex, Depression & A Conversation We Aren’t Having”

@BedheadTweeting // redheadbedhead.com // Facebook // Tumblr

– We regret that JoEllen can no longer make it to Playground.

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PpjphotoJ is a Toronto based four time drop-out, queer boy and sex worker rights activist who is concerned with the gendered nature that sex work policy is not only created but discussed. PJ struggles with discussing sex work policy through the lens of gender, sexuality and the tension between sex work as liberation and prostitution as gendered oppression. In his free time PJ sucks dick for money, drinks with friends and whines about his noisy neighbours and his future. PJ is deeply concerned with regressive policy making by the Conservative federal government, particularly around sex, sexuality, labour and gender as these things intersect with global neoliberal economic policy. PJ is involved with Maggie’s, Toronto Sex Worker Action Project and is working in the struggle to challenge Bill C-36.

@MaggiesToronto //  maggiestoronto.ca

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fraughtintimaciessmallDr. Nathan Rambukkana is Assistant Professor, Communication Studies at Wilfred Laurier University and Chair of Sexuality Studies Association. His book is called Fraught Intimacies – Non/Monogamy in the Public Sphere and will be out in the spring from UBC press.


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Ray rayis a board member at Maggie’s Toronto Sex Workers’ Action Project. She has spent more time watching CPAC in the past few months than she would like. Ray is deeply concerned about the impacts Bill C36 will have on the lives of sex workers, and their clients.

@MaggiesToronto //  maggiestoronto.ca

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torirenaudTori Renaud (Zoya Lynne) has always been a Sex Geek—it just took a while for her to figure that out. It took Tori until her mid-twenties to find the Sex-Positive community; now amongst other Sex Geeks is where she feels most at home. She found this community through blogging under the name Zoya Lynne. Her blogs cover a wide range of topics including (but not limited to): Non-Monogamy, Relationships, Sexuality, Social Injustices, Sex Toy Reviews, Short Stories, and random rants or observations about the world.

As a Sex Geekdom Emissary, she facilitates conversations about sex, and organizes events for Sex Geekdom Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, Michigan. Tori is always looking for ways to help people have more open conversations about sex, sexuality, non-traditional relationships, and other sex-positive topics—she believes talking about these things is the best way to alleviate unnecessary shame and stigma.

@ZoyaLynne // driftingtoandfromthenorm.wordpress.com

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tynanrheaTynan Rhea – During her education Tynan did her practicum placement with Planned Parenthood for the Waterloo Region as a co-facilitator for educational workshops on contraception options, STI and STV prevention, and healthy relationships. She was also the Leader of Hot n’ Spicy for the University of Waterloo’s Student Health Services education group on campus. Rhea Moon Health (sex toys and sexy body care retailer) first began back in 2008 during her second year. Rhea Moon has worked with women’s health centres, LGBTQ student centres, UofT Mississauga S.E.C. (Sexual Education Centre), Alliance for South Asian Aids Prevention, and has now teamed up with Anarres Natural Health to provide the best in non-toxic toys and body care products.

@RheaMoonHealth // rheamoonhealth.com

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Caitlin RobertsCaitlin Roberts is the founder of the sex-positive blog To Be A Slut.com, known for her Body Pride Workshops. She is a co-founder of the sex/queer positive community resource, I’d Tap That, and Executive Producer of The SPIT Magazine.com, and authentic & alternative porn site. She is currently enrolled in the Sex Educator certification program at the Institute for Sexuality and Enlightenment.

@tobeaslut // ToBeASlut.com // I’d Tap That // SPIT Magazine

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jprobichaudJP Robichaud identifies as an introvert dominant sadist with a long term interest in various systems of restraint and control. He has been working and playing with rope for the past eight years, both in his personal life and practice and also as the head rigger for The Keyhole Sessions, Toronto’s foremost erotic life drawing and photography experience. JP is the resident stage manager for Les Coquettes and recently took on stage management duties for the 2013 Toronto Burlesque Festival.

He has organized sexuality workshops around Toronto, working with such educators as Madison Young, Graydancer, Midori, and Tristan Taormino, and was co-programmer & producer of Playground 2011 and 2012. He has been a featured performer for Madison Young’s Femina Potens gallery in both San Francisco and New York City, and was the executive director of the 2013 Good For Her Feminist Porn Awards. He is also the co-host of Conversations With The Perverted Negress, a new podcast with Mollena Williams. JP enjoys good coffee and at least 70% dark chocolate.


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Ttimroseim Rose is a longtime activist in Toronto’s disability community and believes in a positive approach to making a difference. He is also a passionate advocate for sex positivity in the world, and is the co-founder of The Rose Centre for Love, Sex and Disability. When he’s not sparking change or stirring up trouble, Tim is a writer, public speaker and proud reality TV aficionado.

@TheRoseCentre // therosecentre.ca

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Aazurarosezura Rose is a gothic hard femme, disabled, queer, polyamorous, kinky sex worker. Intersectionality is one of her favourite words. She has been dating her bothfriend since 2009, poly with them since 2010, and has been dating her second primary partner Mara since early 2013.

Azura joined the Toronto BDSM community in early 2009 and identifies as a submissive, a kitten, an occasional masochist, and a rope-lover. She has performed or volunteered for Morpheous’ Bondage Extravaganza for the past 3 years. Azura has also been working as a professional submissive, adult model (porn and stills), and escort for 2 years. She’s not been too pleased at her Bill C36 based vacation.

Azura was born with a rare genetic disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and also has a myriad of mental health issues. She often goes on lengthy rants about ableism she encounters.

@HellcatAzura // fetlife.com/176201

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Lynx Sainte-MarieLynx Sainte-Marie is a Jamaican-Canadian, non-binary gender, AfroGoth poet, student and activist with dis/abilities, who breathes art, social justice, feminism/s that decentralize whiteness & cisheteronormativity, anti-oppression and critical social work. Lynx is the creator of QueerofGender.com, an online community dedicated to highlighting the experiences of Two-Spirit and racialized queer/ trans* folks.

As a poet, Lynx has performed at venues in Ottawa and Toronto, exploring ideas around the policing of Blackness, gender identity and love on the margins. Lynx was recently published in OCHUN: watah school poetry anthology book one (2014) produced by Sorplusi Institute Press, and is a committee member for the Feminist Art Conference and Toronto’s up-and-coming Mixed Art Conference in May 2015.

@LynxSainteMarie // lynxsaintemarie.wordpress.com

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Sshannonhannon Salisbury is a Toronto-area teacher. She has also been a writer, a counsellor, and a community worker. She thinks an awful lot about sexuality, consent culture, children and youth, disability/chronic illness, queer identities, alternative family structures, and in/fertility. She parents two amazing big kids who constantly challenge her ideas about everything. She is currently working on her PhD in Education at the University of Toronto/OISE, focusing on the school as a site which perpetuates rape culture.

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naomisayersNaomi Sayers is an Anishinaabe-kwe from the Garden River First Nation just east of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. She recently completed her undergraduate degree in criminology from Western University and is attending the Common Law (JD) program at the University of Ottawa in September 2014. Naomi is a former indoor sex worker with experience working in Northern Ontario, Southern Ontario and across Canada. Naomi founded the South Western Ontario Sex Workers (SWOSW) in response to the lack of sex worker voices in the South Western Ontario region following the Bedford decision. SWOSW is composed of various individuals who live in London and surrounding area, who have experience working in the sex trade in London and the surrounding area or experience working with people who are in the sex trade in London.

She previously sat on a board as a director for an organization that assisted brain injury victims and their families. As a brain injury survivor, she has volunteered her time as a peer mentor to other brain injury survivors. Naomi has also worked with organizations like the Native Youth Sexual Health Organization, POWER (Ottawa), and Maggie’s (Toronto). She is also a fierce indigenous feminist and the creator of www.kwetoday.com.

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Aanlinashengnlina Sheng is a queer, genderqueer polyamory activist, sex educator and community organizer. In 2010 Anlina co-founded PolyWinnipeg, a regional polyamory organization that puts on social and supportive events for the area’s poly community. In 2012 Anlina joined the board of the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association, which “advocates on behalf of Canadians who practice polyamory. It promotes legal, social, government, and institutional acceptance and support of polyamory, and advances the interests of the Canadian polyamorous community generally.” Anlina has worked in public health, in a community health centre setting, providing sexuality education to service providers and the public. They also do organizing and community building within the Winnipeg queer and trans* communities. Over the last three years, they have organized and facilitated dozens of workshops, discussions and other events on gender, relationships and sexuality. Working within a framework that includes principles of anti-oppression, sex-positivity and harm reduction, Anlina focuses on alternative sexualities and non-normative relationship structures.



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Kate SinclaireKate Sinclaire is a Canadian adult industry tour de force. She owns ands manages Cherrystems.com (body positive soft porn), cinesinclaire.com (sex positive ethical porn), and is part of the amazing team at Fuze – Canadian body safe silicone toys.

She’s spoken on feminist porn, sex positivity, sex toy materials, relationships and more at spots like the University of Manitoba, Playground 2013, on TV (Toronto and Winnipeg), and in various publications. She also really loves fancy cocktails and fancy cocktail dresses.

@MsKateSinclaire // @cherrystems // Cherrystems.com // cinesinclaire.com

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miketechnogeishaMiko Technogeisha is a Chicago based writer, researcher, educator and podcaster with an insatiable curiosity. She works towards creating communities in which education and open conversation about sex can happen in a safe and welcoming environment. She is managing editor for Life on the Swingset‘s website, as well as a co-host on Life on the Swingset the podcast and The Kinky Geeks podcast.

She also writes for several online publications about all aspects of non-monogamy, sexuality, and kink. She is an emissary for Sex Geekdom Chicago, a founding member of Sex Geekdom Los Angeles, volunteer support staff for Bawdy Storytelling and a volunteer panelist educator for the Center for Positive Sexuality. When not geeking out about sex, she’s geeking about all things horror and sci-fi along with co-hosting a podcast about NBC’s Hannibal series called Eat The Rudecast.

@Technogeisha // technogeisha.com // Facebook

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Den denteminTemin is a board certified sexologist by the American College of Sexologists, and a gender specialist with a Master of Arts degree in Gender and Peace Building that they received, in 2005 from the United Nations mandated University for Peace. Den is a passionate being that considers intimacy and pleasure as revolutionary. Their vision of sex, sexuality, and gender is holistic. It is based on an understanding of social justice where individuals have a right to find paths towards self-empowerment within and outside sexual spaces. Den is the founder of Sexplore with Den Temin. An organization that provides a healthy sex-positive environment where knowledge exchange is facilitated in order to support folks towards self-empowerment by exploring and improving their own and/or other people’s sexual lives and health.

Curiosity has fueled their craving to live and sexplore the ways in which we experience intimacy, connection, vulnerability, desire, and pleasure. For the past fifteen years, Den has lived in five different countries and travelled extensively throughout diverse corners of the world where they have studied and worked in the fields of gender and human sexuality. Den has a deep desire for sharing knowledge and connecting to people with honesty and authenticity. They believe that we all have diverse lived experiences, and identities that have shaped the manner in which we exist and navigate our worlds. The journey to your desires are infinite, join Sexplore’s pleasure revolution where together we will change the world one orgasm at a time!


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Nnadinethornhilladine Thornhill has been teaching and writing about sex for almost a decade . Her easy and engaging style helps people feel comfortable talking about sex. As a parent, Nadine knows how challenging it can be to figure out what to say and how to talk with your kids about sex and relationships. Her mission as an educator is to empower parents and caregivers to share their authentic values with their children and to help them grow up safe, happy, and healthy.

@NadineThornhill // nadinethornhill.com

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jesseraewestJesse Rae West is a queer and sex positive advocate living and working in Toronto. Primarily she plans events, hosts parties, facilitates workshops and produces and performs in pornography.

@jesseraewest // I’d Tap That // SPIT Magazine

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