Health Identity Sexuality

The Quick and Dirty: Mindfulness for Men Who Have Sex with Men

Rosedale Room February 24, 2018 4:30 pm - 5:45 pm

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Joshua Peters, R.P.
Rylie Moore

Our presentation will explore the positive effects of mindfulness when used with the MSM community, while also taking into consideration its possible pitfalls and limitations. Moreover, we will present how the use of mindfulness techniques with the MSM community may help:

  • reduce shame around anal sex and other forms MSM sex (kicking heteronormativity out of the bedroom);
  • reduce pain during intercourse;
  • reduce distress of top/bottom dynamic (if present);
  • reduce other areas of sexual distress (erectile dysfunction);
  • increase partner intimacy;
  • facilitate exploration of new ways for pleasure;
  • increasing eroticisms/desire by providing new ways to see the self and partner(s); and
  • facilitate exploration of individual sexuality.

We will also explore additional clinical considerations for use within the trans and non-binary populations. Several activities including erotic eating and sensate focus will be demonstrated or explored as possible mindfulness applications for MSM couples, individuals, or groups.