Community Vulnerability

Screwed: The Balance Between Fear, Negativity, & Positivity in Safe(r) Spaces, A Community Conversation

Rosedale Room November 14, 2015 11:00 am - 12:10 pm

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Ola Skudlarska

The sex positive, poly, queer and feminist porn scene is one that boasts openness, accessibility and a sense of welcome. But for people coping with trauma, grey spectrum sexuality, or other forms of sexual “dysfunction” it can become a difficult space to navigate. How do we create a sexual space that is safe and kind to those who need to take their time or handle sex in specific and precise ways? How do we promote enthusiasm while allowing people to have hesitations? The balance between fear, vulnerability and positivity is a tricky one that many of us find ourselves navigating.

This discussion aims to create a space for people to share hesitations and difficulties they may have had, and to look towards creating a more inclusive scene.