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The Art of the Hookup When You’re Hot & Disabled

Rosedale Room November 15, 2015 10:30 am - 11:40 am

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Stella Palikarova
Andrew Morrison-Gurza
Fran Odette

Fran, Stella, & Andrew (all hot, sexy and disabled) invite you to join them for a frank, possibly risqué, discussion and ask all of your most burning questions about how to “hook-up” safely and enjoyably when you have a physical disability. In the Internet age, more and more people are finding “hook-ups” or friends with benefits arrangements online.

Stella and Fran will help open the dialogue with some of their own personal experiences, from queer and hetero lenses. As a person with a disability, how do you address and respond to imbedded stereotypes that may come from potential sex partners surrounding: perceived asexuality, having to be grateful for any kind of sexual attention, or the myth of emotional and physical neediness?  How do you stay safe, create boundaries, and communicate desires? How do you handle the “devotee”?

Come chat about the world of online ‘hook-ups’ and begin demystifying ideas of hooking up when you have a disability. Share with us your ideas/tips to explore ways to make this experience a better one for everyone!