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Squirting: Beyond Gender Bound and Performative Notions of Sexual Expression

College Room February 25, 2018 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm

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Indira Dutt

Squirting, female ejacuation and g-spot orgasms have, over the last two decades, become part of the lexicon of sexual experiences. Workshops devoted to these topics are often well attended, and the “ability” to squirt has become for some, a mark of sexual mastery, for those who can “squirt” and for those who can “make” their partner squirt. This workshop looks at the history of this sexual activity both in popular culture and science and troubles that research with two different personal experiences.

One presenter has been a squirter from the get go and through a journey of infertility tried to explore questions around the biology and impact of this activity.

The second presenter has spent well over a decade trying to answer questions such as what is the same or different about expulsing “non-seminal” fluid from cismale and cisfemale bodies and explored the limitations involved through personal research, reflection and countless hours of immensely enjoyable self-experimentation. Hear how Chinese Medicine and Daoist sexual practices led them to finally ask ‘Can “men” squirt?’ and to eventually redefine their own gender identity.