Community Health Vulnerability

Naming, Shaming, And Victim Blaming: Practical Safety With A Sex-Positive Spin

Avenue Room November 15, 2015 2:15 pm - 3:25 pm

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Rebecca Hiles

We live in a society that takes practical safety information and uses it to discredit and blame victims for their own traumas. How then do we talk about personal responsibility without falling into our societal penchant for victim blaming? When faced with risk awareness, messages are generally focused on women’s responsibility for their own sexual safety. How do we open this conversation to encourage everyone to be a part of a community-wide effort to mitigate risk while also challenging cultural stigmas and safety cliches? Join us for a discussion on risk aware assessment surrounding sexual safety and its implementation into daily life! This panel will guide participants to make more empowered choices by applying many of the sex-positive risk aware tactics in their lives outside the bedroom/dungeon.