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Realistic Self Care for Chronically Sick Humans

Avenue Room February 25, 2018 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

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Eva Dusome

Self care has become this buzzword that’s been reduced to spa days and treating yourself with a cookie. That still doesn’t negate its importance to living a more balanced life with less stress. But what happens when our bodies and minds stop us from doing those things we love doing to take care of ourselves? What does realistic self care look like for those of us who may be ill more days than we’re not? What if we don’t have the funds to access that much needed massage? What if we can’t afford to take a sick day?

Together, let’s take a look at some realistic ways to hit the pause and reset buttons. We’ll talk about coping skills, and share some of our favourite resources that help keep our spirits high when our bodies keep us down. As a point of caution, this session will be touching on sensitive topics like mental illness, depression, suicidal ideation, chronic pain and the impacts these have on our lives.