Health Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn – Contraception – Which Kind is Right for Me/Us?

Avenue Room November 14, 2015 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

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Krysta Barclay

With a wide range of options available – how do we go about choosing contraception methods which are best suited to our lifestyles? Are you currently using a method but wondering if there’s something else out there that may work better for you? This presentation will provide a general overview of the wide variety of contraception options – barrier, hormonal, natural, and most things in between.  We will provide up-to-date information regarding advantages and disadvantages, where to find/how to obtain them, associated costs and maintenance, and efficacy rates. We will also touch upon new and upcoming contraception methods such as advances in male contraception options and inert IUDs, and finally discuss items to consider when choosing a contraceptive method(s).

Please note: The hotel has a VERY strict policy against bringing in outside food & drink. We at Playground don’t want to restrict you, but we ask that you be discrete with outside products and dispose of everything thoroughly. We are responsible for a $15 pp fee if they “catch” us!