Community Identity Keynote Vulnerability

Opening Plenary – Living Out Loud: Sharing Personal Stories as Activism

Wellesley Room February 23, 2018 7:10 pm - 8:40 pm

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Bex Caputo
Claire AH
Dane Stewart
Dirty Lola
Kate Sloan
Kevin Patterson

For registered Playground attendees only.

You don’t need a law degree or a dissertation in feminism to be able to affect change in the world. From blog posts to podcasts, storytelling shows to conversations across the dinner table, sharing our own stories and giving people insight into our lives is a form of radical activism. We can humanize abstract issues, educate from a place of understanding, and grant permission for people to live their most authentic lives by showing them that they’re not alone. 

With backgrounds ranging through live storytelling, podcasting, radio, writing, social media, playwriting, theatre production, community initiatives and more, we explore different mediums and look at what we can gain through publicity of our sexual selves and lives. We also problematize issues around disclosure, creating safer spaces to share, and the limitations and pitfalls that come from the realities of this kind of intense vulnerability.