Consent Kink & BDSM

Brutal Affection: An Introduction To The Heat and Consent of Rough Sex

College Room February 25, 2018 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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Felice Shays

The sweet intersection of slap and kiss. The rough and tumble of spank and caress, of commanding voice and gentle stroke, of laugh and growl.

This sound like you? Or wish it could be?

Come join sex and BDSM educator Felice Shays as she teaches you to use your hands, mouth, toys, and imagination to delve deep into what is often taboo and always crazy hot. Felice will address what it is to take and give power and how we get to lose society’s prescriptions as we cross the bedroom threshold.

Throughout the workshop, with levity and straight talk, Felice will share provocative techniques on how to find and express your own desire, how to push through fears that might be preventing you from discovering new sexual and sensual highs, and of course, she will teach you how to spank, slap, restrain, and more.

We will explore communication, emotional limits and release, safety, partnered positions, head space, anatomy, dirty talk, and helpful items.

Yeah, we’re talking SEX. Sweet, raunchy, bring it SEX.

All genders, ages, and individuals and relationship configurations all and always welcome.

Bring your questions and your curiosity.