Glad Day Bookshop

Glad Day Bookshop was created in 1970. This makes it not only the world’s oldest surviving LGBTQ bookstore but also Toronto’s oldest surviving bookstore. They believe they have the largest collection of LGBTQ titles in the world. Story, representation and freedom of speech are critical elements of queer & trans culture and identity – their bookstore is an important place that supports, nurtures, and inspires creativity and community.

In 2016, Glad Day Bookshop moved to 499 Church Street to a new wheelchair accessible location, adding coffee, cocktails and food to the mix. Now it’s a bookstore, coffee shop, cocktail bar, event space and dance club.

This new location and model is a flexible, inclusive space that is being used by the diverse LGBTQ communities of Toronto to amplify creativity, story, sexuality, liberation and love.

Visit them all weekend.