Playground 2020

It's About Taking Care

July 3-5, 2020

Hilton Toronto - 145 Richmond St. W.

Wellness Without The Woo-Woo

When PlayGround first started in 2011, it was simpler times. Dedicating a weekend solely to topics of sexuality was an easy decision. As the years have passed the world has gotten more complex - and often harsh - and our sexuality is but one component in an overall wellness picture that needs love, care, and attention.

PlayGround’s new broader vision for 2020 will include conversations on all things related to taking care of your well being; from your mind, to your body, and also your communities.

PlayGround has always been a space for bringing ideas and people together from various walks of life to learn from one another. We thrive on intersections and celebrate the differences that make us all unique. This is not going away and is at the core of the conference’s values. What is changing is the mandatory focus on a sexuality connection for every session. While it will still be included as a part of the event, there will be much more to help you take care of a bigger picture.

There is a lot to discuss when it comes to wellness, real wellness that’s more than companies trying to sell you fake detoxes and woo woo fixes that have little to no effect or can, in some cases, do more harm than good. We’re going to be having real, honest, and healing conversations for anyone and everyone interested in the idea of simply taking care.

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